interactive workshops

Through years of observation and experience, Bridge Communications has developed a seamless and interactive learning environment for ASL-English interpreters.

Unlike the typical interpreting workshop, which often includes a presenter lecturing endlessly, copious notes on PowerPoint handouts, and no time for hands-on practice, Bridge Communications encourages hands-on experience and tools for practicing on your own.

Our workshops include:

  • Interactive participation – Lets you learn, practice, and support new ideas and skills
  • Bound workbooks – Provide you useful information that can be referenced again and again
  • Video-based practice – Reinforces discussion portions of the workshop

Invest a few hours with Bridge Communications and you too can take your ASL-English interpreting skills to that next level.

Download the Bridges to Learning catalog, listing sessions currently available. Individual sessions are listed below.

Workshops Offered (updated April 2013):

ASL Numbers for Educational Interpreters: Percent, place, or position—math & science numbers

As language models for Deaf students, interpreters must have fluency in ASL’s various number systems. In contrast to English’s two categories, ASL contains more than two-dozen systems. Download details

Four Number Systems You Need to Know! ASL Numbers for Interpreters

Do you know how to correctly convey the following in ASL: Channel 4, four children, 4th in a list, and the last four digits of your SSN? This workshop can teach you how to sign numbers like a pro! (Shorter version of Easy as 1-2-3…) Download details

Discussions on the CPC: Moving away from “I can’t”

Consumers make requests of interpreters that, if acted upon, could violate our ethics. “I can’t,” is a common response. Examine the CPC in a safe, supportive environment to formulate ethical responses. Download details

Interpreting Constructed Dialogues: Who said what to whom?!

“Wait! You said that or the other person said that? I can’t figure out who’s saying what!” If you’ve ever struggled with character role shifting, this workshop is for you. Download details

Interpreting Frozen Texts: Freeze or Thaw?

Interpreting and translating are different skills. Handling frozen texts often requires both. Do you know how to interpret the Lord’s Prayer, the Twelve Steps, or the Miranda Warning effectively? Download details

Interpreting music in non-musical settings: This is not a performance!

What do you do when music is sprung on you during a non-musical event? This fun workshop will give you strategies whether you enjoy interpreting songs or not. Download details

Interpreting the 12 Steps: How does it work?

Working the 12 Steps can mean the difference between life and death for a person with an addiction. Learn how to more effectively translate and interpret the 12 Steps. Download details

A Look at Deaf & Hearing Manners: To do & taboo

“Why do they do that? Don’t they know that’s rude?!”
If you’ve wondered why Deaf or hearing people behave in certain ways, this workshop can help you understand! Download details

Eye Gaze & Blinks in ASL: The eyes have it

Breaking eye contact in a signed conversation is considered rude! Are there ways to do it appropriately? How do you know whether the signer is narrating or assuming a character role? Do blinks have meaning in ASL? Download details

Standards for Interpreting Standardized Testing

Standardized testing presents multiple challenges for Deaf test takers. Approached carefully, interpreting standardized tests can mitigate some of those challenges. Download details

ASL Numbers for Interpreters: Easy as 1-2-3… or is it?

Do you know how to correctly convey the following in ASL: Channel 4, four children, 4th in a list, and the last four digits of your SSN? This workshop can teach you how to sign numbers like a pro! (Longer version of Four number systems you need to know.) Download details

ASL Performatives: Shift Happens

“Wait! Who’s talking? Did this story happen to you or someone else? Why can’t I tell who’s being discussed?” If you miss a subtle shift in referent, it can compromise your interpretation. This workshop will help you recognize ASL performatives because let’s face it… shift happens. Download details

Four Culturally-Rich ASL Concepts: A Rose by Any Other Name

DEAF doesn’t mean deaf and hearing people usually don’t know they are. If you’re confused, think how your consumers feel when you use words in ways they don’t understand. Download details

Interpreting in Spiritual Settings: Wholly holy, or holey?

You feel called to interpret in a Spiritual setting. Now what? Do you have the necessary tools (knowledge and skill) to create a sense of Sacred Space for the deaf congregates while adequately and accurately conveying the sense of wonder and majesty contained in this most important event? Download details

The Interpreting Process: Intention or Retention?

Producing an effective interpretation requires more than simply remembering and regurgitating the source text. The speaker’s goal must be understood and created in the target language with intention! Download details

A Linguistic & Semantic Tune-up for Interpreters: Does ORANGE-EYES mean “amazing”?

What is hearing accent and do you have it in your signing? Do you use the sign glossed ORANGE-EYES (an ASL verb meaning “to be shocked”) to mean “amazing” (an English adjective)? If so, this workshop can help. Download details

PowerPoint Poisoning and Other Presentation Pitfalls

Research indicates PowerPoint presentations often interfere with participant comprehension, organization, and retention of information. You are a dynamic presenter with knowledge and experience that will positively impact the work of interpreter practitioners. Are your presentations hindering your message? Download details

The Workshop Workshop: Session Delivery from Creation to Presentation

You have experience, knowledge, and wisdom that you would like to share through formal in-service training sessions, but you don’t know how to start. How does one develop an effective training session, useful presentation, and quality handout materials? Download details