life stories dvd series

Life Stories DVD cover

The Life Stories DVD series goes beyond the usual Deaf Culture videos by allowing you a more intimate look into the lives of Deaf people. Each DVD features a different Deaf person talking about their life, giving the viewer a glimpse into Deaf Culture while also providing exposure to American Sign Language.

Life Stories Vol. 1

In this volume, Larry Jannett, a Minnesotan from a multi-generational Deaf family, recounts various experiences from his mischievous childhood and growing up. In the final chapter he details events surrounding the birth of his son. Read more about Life Stories Vol. 1 on CreateSpace

Life Stories Vol. 2

In this volume, Chris Tester talks about competing in the World Games for the Deaf, studying in England for a year of college & learning British Sign Language (which he demonstrates), and challenges fitting in. Chris describes discovering his sexual identity in the final chapter—how he came to realize he was gay, accepted his identity, and came out to family & friends. Read more about Life Stories Vol. 2 on CreateSpace